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There is an alternative to going out in a blaze of glory

and that's giving 'em all the big 'Fuck you'.

hallow sin
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Shtick About Me

1. I'm a fangirl, but I try to keep the obsessive creepiness on the down-low.

2. I'm queer. Now my definition of queer incorporates all LGBT persons. I'm not a lesbian, and I don't think bisexual quite covers it. So, my label of choice is queer.

3. For Christmas I went out and bought myself Queer as Folk, the complete series DVDs. It's also currently my obsession and favorite fandom.

4. I'm pretty sure Joss Whedon is a fucking god... Team Cowlip ain't half bad either.

5. Hey-hey! Ho-Ho! Homophobia has got to get the fuck out of the White House. A queer can dream can't she?